Black Bean Vegan Burgers

Black Bean Vegan Burgers

veggie burger

Although I do not call myself a vegan, I do enjoy a good vegan burger from time to time. I have tasted a few over the years and I figured it was time for me to make my own. It might appear simple to make a veggie patty but in reality, it is quite complicated to find the perfect combination. The issue I encountered during my countless trials had to do with the texture of the patty. For some reasons, it was always mushy in the middle. Let me tell you, I ingested a lot of mushy patties during my testing. I did not want my husband to eat it and tell me he would never eat veggie burgers again, so I ate them all.   

When I finally got it to the taste and texture I wanted, I gave some to my husband. He tried it and he liked them a lot! Hurray, it passed the test and we will eat vegan burgers again! 

I am now sharing the recipe with you. Hope you like them as much as we do. If you do, let us know leaving a comment in the box below. Don’t forget to tag @vic.r_c if you share it on Instagram, so we can see how it turned out for you.  

Thanks and Enjoy!