Vegan Chickpea Bowl

Vegan Chickpea Bowl

chickpeas bowl

I am in love with bowls! They are gaining more and more popularity lately. It is probably because they are so easy to put together and there are endless combinations. The best way I would describe them is:


This Vegan Chickpea Bowl was inspired by my left overs. I literally took the vegetables I had left in my fridge and paired them with what was in my kitchen cabinet. The result was so yummy! The avocado dressing is bringing everything together. I also added unsweetened coconut shreds on top of it all to put a twist to it.

BTW, I don't suggest you eat this bowl with chopsticks unless you are very good at it. To be quite honest, I only used the chopsticks for the picture. As soon as the picture was taken, I grabbed a fork and inhaled it all. Lol 

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Thanks and Enjoy!