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The Body Confidence Code

Online Series!



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Because I believe so strongly that The Body Confidence Code can make a difference in your life, I want to offer you a resource that will come in handy…


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Want unlimited access exclusive nuggets of medicine and how-to's that help you fast track your way out of self-sabotage and help you embody self-love and confidence? 



Know you might miss an interview or two but also know you don’t want to miss out on these experts’ effective tips (or their free gifts!)?



Like “pep talks on the go” and listening in while making dinner, driving to work, working out, or walking your dogs?



Then I want to make sure you know about The Body Confidence Kit!


Listen to every experts as many times as you want or need! Have them in your back pocket FOREVER and access them whenever you are in need of a pep talk, confidence boost or time to recenter.



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    Why am I offering this?

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    Because I know how life can get busy sometimes


    I know that every bit of you want to listen to each interview everyday, but the reality is you never know what is going to come your way that day (lover, kids, dogs, coffee spill, lost your keys, late for work, and a squirrel).


    I also know that you are here because you are looking for ways to feel confident in your body, love yourself and express who you are.


    And there is a very, very good chance that one of these conversations could help you do that.


    I really want to help you and make sure you have every resources you need, so

    You can be the powerful and confident woman you are.


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    Lifetime Access To Edited MP3 Recordings ($147 value)

    Every interview is for you to keep. That way, you don’t need to stress about listening to them all at once.


    BCC Top Tips & Takeaways ($49 value)

    Summary guide which includes ALL the top tips and takeaways from each expert on the series! You’ll be able to refer to it at all time. This is gold!


    BONUS Workshop with Me, Vicky ($197 value)

    Exclusively for upgrade participants. Uncover the ultimate Stress Relief Formula to pinpoint exactly where your stress is coming from and take specific action steps to handle it.


    This is all yours for just $37!

    (Honestly, that’s probably cheaper than the price of a week's worth of your special Starbucks coffees)


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    Once the event starts on September 16th, the package will be $77.


    But for now, it's just $37 – You save $40!


    *Know this: many of our experts charge $350 or more for an hour of their time. You are getting exclusive access to the science-based research and strategies that have worked for them and their clients.


    The LIVE interviews are available free of charge for the first 48 hours after released.

    That’s my promise to you.

    But after that, the ONLY way you can get access to all the wisdom, inspiration, strategies and tools from all the speakers is to grab The Body Confidence Kit.