What if you don't have to lose 20 pounds to activate

that Olivia Pope confidence?

That’s right! How she struts with her head high into The Oval Office, unannounced, to tell The President: “It’s handled!”

You want that same bold confidence when you…

  • Walk into a room filled with leaders and influencers.
  • Strike a pose to get your new headshots done.
  • Get on stage in front of a live audience or in front of a camera for an interview.

There’s just one problem: Your body.

You don’t like the way you look and feel in it and you’re thinking:

“If only I could lose that 10, 15, 20 lbs…”

“If only I didn’t have those love handles…”

“If only I didn’t look like this…”


It’s time to stop thinking when your body looks ‘perfect’, your confidence will appear or the feeling of inferiority will go away, and your career will propel to new heights.


Because that keeps you stuck in that yo-yo dieting cycle, not going anywhere and knowing that’s not the answer.

(Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.) 

Let’s activate that body confidence that’s not determined by the number on the scale, the calories on your plate, or what society judges as the acceptable jean size.

“Vicky changed the way I eat, sleep...and breathe! Helping me pave a better, healthier future for me with an organized plan.”

“Vicky has changed my life! She has helped me take the first step out of depression, opening myself up for not failure – but understanding. She has also helped me be more confident in speaking my truth/feelings and understand that it is okay to ‘let it go’ of the hurdles. The impact has been incredible.”

– Labeebah M.

Hey, I’m Vicky,

Your Body Confidence Coach.

I know what it’s like to be you

 because I once was right where you are.

 I even hired a friend to be me on camera…

I”ll never forget standing in front of the mirror, looking at myself straight in the eyes saying:”Why are you doing this Vicky? Why are you hiding? What’s wrong with you!?!”

The idea of putting myself out there and letting people see my imperfect body was scaring the heck out of me.

The words of the people around me accumulated over the years and were constantly playing in my head:

  • “You look OK but you still have some hip fat. That won’t look good on camera.”
  • “If you want to succeed, you’ll need to lose some weight.”
  • “You lost weight? Where?”

I was so self-conscious about my body, that I was finding every possible reason to hide in my office and “work” 12-14 hours a day on my website, logo, letterheads, etc. instead of being the face of my business.

Yes, I even hired a friend to do my website welcome video because she “was prettier” and “had the look.”

Deep down, I knew I was capable of so much more but the fear of being judged and my constant battle with my weight stopped me from being the powerful woman l knew I was…


…which ended up killing my business.


I was convinced everything would get fixed and I would finally thrive…once I lost weight.

Stuck in the dieting cycle, I hid my secret. I couldn’t bear the idea of being ridiculed once again for my attempts to lose weight.

Even at my skinniest, I didn’t feel better or more confident in my body.

I ended up gaining all the weight back (and then some!)

At that moment I realized it wasn’t about focusing on the numbers and losing 20-30 extra pounds, it was about finding what the ideal healthy weight was for me.

That was over a decade ago.


Now I’ve reached my ideal weight and stayed there (without dieting),
Gained confidence and am the proud face of my business.


This can be your story as well.

As a Certified Healthy Weight Loss & Intuitive Eating Practitioner

and Nutritional Therapist, here’s how this is different…

(aka The Approach)


As a career-driven woman, you know you need to show up confidently and put yourself out there to reach your next level of success.

You also know how painful that is when you don’t like what you see in the mirror.


“Because there’s more to body confidence
than the numbers the scale, I help you prioritize your health,
let go of unwanted eating habits and self-limiting beliefs.”


As your personal Body Confidence Coach, we’ll work together not only to help you reach your ideal weight, but also give you freedom and assurance to be who you need to be to succeed:

Boost Your Health

Revamp your eating habits

Manage Your Mind

Stay in Control & Crush your limiting beliefs

Put Yourself First

There will be no “…but, I don’t have time…” under my watch!

Ready to look and feel good about your body, and reach that Olivia Pope confidence level?

Let’s do this!

Professional Bio

To build influence you need confidence. And to build confidence, you need Vicky.

She is a body confidence coach who works with career-driven women to help them find their ideal weight and confidence to reach their next level of success.

As a certified Healthy Weight Loss & Intuitive Eating Practitioner, Mind-Body Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist, she has been featured on various radio shows and summits. Because she is dedicated to supporting as many women as possible, she also created various summits including The Body Confidence Code, featuring experts like Trent Shelton, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, Anna Renderer and Melanie Young, to name a few.

When she is not helping women look and feel better in their body, you can find her in nature,   amazed by the smell of flowers and beauty of butterflies, like a kid eating chocolate for the first time, or having a dance party in her living room with her 3 years old son, blasting the Chillhop music channel- her son's favorite.

8 Things You Should Know Before We Work Together


1. I’m French Canadian Dominicana. I guess? 

I was born in Dominican Republic and was adopted at the age of 1 by French Canadians, aka BEST PARENTS EVER. I went back to DR at the age of 22, not speaking Spanish at the time, to find my birth parents. Not only did I find them in half a day (long story) but I also found 16 older siblings and countless nieces and nephews. I love people!


2. I was an overweight kid

At the age of 10, I was a happy 162 pounder (about 100 lb over the average weight). Everything changed the day my weight was revealed in front of the classroom by my teacher. That is the day body shame, low self-esteem, low confidence and limiting beliefs made their entrance in my world and took over well into adulthood.


3. I don’t like to follow rules

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and off the beaten paths. I don’t follow crowds. Truth be told, that helps me a lot in my business because I always find unique and effective solutions for my clients.


4. My childhood dream was to sing and dance with Janet Jackson

Yep, there’s no shame in my game. As a child I LOVED Janet and envisioned that one day, I would be at one of her concerts and she would invite me on stage to perform “If” with her. (I’ve been a big visionary and dreamer). Well, the closest I’ve been to her was when, in my 20’s, I was patiently waiting outside for her concert. Butterflies in my stomach, the whole thing, thinking “this is it!”, when the security guard announced that the show was cancelled.


5. I’m obsessed with smells (I mean, the good ones) 

Flowers, fruits, vegetables, all of it. Yeah, I know, that’s weird. To be fair, you can tell a fruit or a vegetable is fresh just by its smell, so that’s handy skill. Favorite food smell: Guava. And I am proud to say that I passed it on to my son. His favorite thing is to smell though is the bag of bread at the grocery store. Hahaha. Oh well, to each their own.


6.  Helping people- That’s my jam

Whenever friends, family, colleagues or strangers need advice or solve issues, they tend to come to me to get answers and get their zen back. I was told I have a calming voice and I always know what to say. I’d love to be that person for you as well.


7. Oddly enough, I can also fix your house 

I love to fix stuff and do home renovations. I’ve been doing that with my dad since I’m a little girl. I’m the handyman in my house and also my mother-in-law’s, who is very pleased we live close by.


8. I laugh and smile (almost) all the time

Laughing is the best medicine and has been proven to reduce stress!  Meanwhile, smiling elevates your mood and reduces physical pain. So, that’s my superpower. What’s yours? 🙂