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“This is great! Very helpful. ” -Ani S.

I know you’ve got a secret because it’s the same one I had…

You’ve been battling your weight for years and you don’t want to tell anyone.
You want to lose weight.

But you…

Fear being judged or ridiculed. The thought of it brings back those childhood memories and you promised yourself you wouldn’t give the bullies of your past power over you.

You’re holding yourself back from going after what you really want in your life and career.

And even if people see you as successful it doesn’t matter- you don’t feel it because you don’t have the body you’ve always wanted.

But what would happen if – after losing only 10 pounds – you felt in the best shape?
Feeling confident you didn’t have to justify your new healthy weight to anyone?
That’ll be you once I help you crack your body confidence code.

Hey, I’m Vicky!

Your Nutrition & Healthy Weight Loss Coach.


As a certified Healthy Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist, I teach successful women – like you- how to nourish their body and release unwanted weight so they can gain body confidence. 

Find out more about me and how wanting to fit into society's weight standards killed my previous business.


She Is A Magician Of Weight Loss!

I had the opportunity to have Vicky as my coach to support me with my weight loss journey. Thanks to her teaching and coaching, I learnt what kept me from maintaining a healthy weight throughout the years. Vicky is able to bring awareness to bad habits, break them without making you feel bad about it. Thanks to her advise, I lost 20 lbs, and counting, didn't gain it back and my health is much better. Thank you Vicky.

– Nersa D.

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You’ll leave with tips you can start implementing right away to get the results you want- whether you decide to work with me or not!

Plus, you can count on me to be completely honest.

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She's the best!

I’ve done many different programs in my life to try and accept myself, and I can say that this one is different. I always look forward to my sessions with Vicky because she is non-judgmental and she perfectly understands my needs. She knows how to ask the right questions and I am completely comfortable with her. I really feel she wants what is best for me. I recommend her to anyone who wants to see a real change in their life and finally reach their goals.

– Tania R.

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